My name is Niamtu Dragos, and I’m a UI/UX Designer and I discovered this new technology WPF ans SIlverlight (XAML) and I’m trying to help developers in their work to make their application more friendly and more colorfull.

At my website www.xamltemplates.net you can find a lot of themes for WPF and Silverlight controls, if you have any suggestions please make them on my main site in the wish list.

The e-shop in beta … and I will work on it in my spare time, my own personal hobby.

In this blog I will put  small tutorials for creating themes in wpf and other which is related to XML and Expressions Studio.

If you want to see more information about my education and my experience below is my Resume:

  Dragos Niamtu
(M, 25, Romania, Iasi, unmarried)

Address: Pacurari 137
Currently located in Bucharest
Email: bradutz@bradutz.ro or bradutz01@yahoo.com

To enrich my knowledge & expertise in UX/UI/Web design, Flash, 3D, Web Development, Programming. I’d like to work with a cretive team in a good environment.
Wanted job:
Designer(Web, GUI), Programmer
- Full Time
Preferred type of company:
I would like to work in a company with challengeing projects and with a young and dynamic team, from which I could learn new things.
Activity domain
Relevant experience in domain
3-5 years
User Experience Designer

Company, location: CGS, Bucharest (No. employees: 25-50)
Domain of activity: Software/Technologies
Company description: ERP software.
Period: 2008-06 <> present

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